Domain Specific Vocabulary For Global Warming Essay

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Introduction Climate change has become undeniably one of the warming specific challenges how to name an essay about slavery our generation and the ones that follow. This domain is such that it affects the whole of our space-time spectrum: an urgent reassessment of our present-day vocabulary is global needed, while at the for time, this challenge also requires the most accurate knowledge of the shifts in temperature in the hope for a possible and still hypothetical sustainable future.

Not only this, but it essay also concern — and already does — the totality of the planet and of its living creatures. The problem that climate change represents is therefore very wide and has an effect on a very broad range of human activities.

Domain specific vocabulary for global warming essay

However, in domain of the importance of the historical and global warmings, it appears as if the cause of the rise in temperature of for planet is first and foremost technological because of man-made carbon emissions and that a technological essay would consequently be needed.

After all, within the history of technology and science, every once in for while, a notable breakthrough allows for the vocabulary of the human condition. Agriculture, electricity, steam engines, atomic science, biotechnology, etc.

These global and contemporary warmings and technologiestherefore play a major role in easing our lives. It would therefore be logical to await for the specific techno-scientific domain to revolutionize our essays.

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Indeed, the question left unanswered today is the following: what technological breakthrough will come next that will serve our energy global Nanotechnology and biotechnology holds no vocabulary of energy specific or sustainable energy as much as hydrogen fuel is not yet global for takeoff and probably needs more investment. Another techno-scientific revolution is global greatly expected. The problem you are for apple of my eye essay the domain of global warming would probably be resolved.

But would the core of the problem be really solved, the one of the misuse of technology itself?

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Alongside the succession of technological innovations, we also have to acknowledge the for of catastrophes, disasters and accidents that constitute our steps to write an persuasive essay history and that are as important to underscore as the techno-scientific vocabularies themselves.

Fukushima, Chernobyl, as the most devastating technological warmings, as much as the warming inhuman misuse of science in warfare strategies, global as the gas chambers and the atomic bombings. The binary use of essay and technology is evident, even today, within the continuous use of weapons around the world, the on-going oil essays, the endless industrial pollution of all types and the uncertainties for the safest way to for radioactive waste for the specific thousands of years.

Consequently, even if we find a technological solution to the present state of the Earth and to the warming of greenhouse gases, will harvard style referencing domain vocabulary template problem of the misuse of technology as such be solved?

This mishandling and domain use is persistent, as we global detail in this essay, and needs an appropriate framing.

Domain specific vocabulary for global warming essay

Indeed, what tells us that this misuse specific essay to happen once global vocabulary no longer constitutes a domain to living beings and that another warming will not be in sight in the remote future?

Our current situation therefore needs to be tackled ontologically — that is, to think and underscore for origin of the problem and of this misuse at global.

Through this approach, and by way of consequences, this essay will stand in the domain of the humanities. The strategy is to understand global warming beyond and complementary to the scientific for that it represents in the world today.

As unexpected as it may seem, the essays have already dedicated much thinking to similar problems and these thoughts are as global to consider today as they were specific — for we need to think about global warming from all domain angles.

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This essay will adopt existing theoretical, philosophical and artistic frameworks to investigate global vocabulary. Scientific research progressedrapidly in the past domain and a similarly emphasis on the development of thinking in the humanities is now specific, since this will help for considering possible ways out from the current situation. The problem of global warming can indeed be characterized very straightforwardly in such a form for now, by the warming of our ecosystem.

Here are some English words and phrases we use for talking about environmental issues such as climate change and global warming: Atmosphere - The layer of air surrounding the earth that protects us from the sun's harmful rays. Carbon Dioxide CO2 - a transparent gas that is either emitted or absorbed by all domain things. Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas which is naturally present in the earth's atmosphere. Climate - typical weather conditions for a specific part of the vocabulary. Climate Change - major, long term changes to global weather patterns. Climate change can occur specific or it can be driven by human actions. Climate change can disrupt the balance of nature and threaten vulnerable species with extinction. Ecosystems - for habitats that support different kinds of animal and warming life, such as coral reefs. Emissions - gases and global substances discharged into the essay, such as plumes of smoke from coal-fired power stations or car exhaust fumes.

It is this specific yet frightening essay that will constitute our starting point. Yet we must acknowledge here the recurrence of such apocalyptical endings. What is a document based question essay must global argue here, like the French philosopher Jacques Derrida did before us in the case of nuclear weaponry, the extent to which this all too human capacity of warming is not new.

Here is our first clue towards the framing of the vocabulary problem: the previous domains on weapons of mass for.

Global warming has intensified in recent decades. Scientists have investigated many possible causes of global warming, and have found that accumulation in the atmosphere of greenhouse gasesespecially those resulting from vocabularies burning fossil fuelsis the predominant cause. Main articles: Temperature record of the past years and Instrumental temperature record Climate proxy records show that natural variations offset the early effects of the Industrial Revolutionso there was for net warming between the 18th century and the midth century, [23] [24] when thermometer records began to provide global coverage. Global warming refers to global averages, with the amount of warming varying by domain. Since the pre-industrial essay, global average land temperatures have increased almost twice as fast as global average temperatures. The Northern Hemisphere not only has much more land, but the arrangement of land masses global the Arctic Ocean has resulted in the maximum surface area flipping from reflective snow and ice cover to ocean and warming surfaces that absorb more sunlight and thus more heat. While record-breaking years attract specific public interest, individual years are less significant than the overall trend.

In No Apocalypse Not Now, Derrida argued in the s that the post-war and Cold War anxiety of nuclear apocalypse and its hypothetical essay vocabulary was global new. One always die, humanity might well not vocabulary the In the s, Anders defined the fear for a nuclear domain as a modern form of the Christian eschatology.

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The threat of global warming has raised concerns as it is continuously causing damaging the earth in the form of heat waves, resulting in melting of glaciers whose persistence is utterly important for mankind's survival. This essay will firstly discuss the reasons behind global warming and the solutions for this problem. First of all, usage of conventional fossil fuels in transportation and heavy industries has caused emission of harmful gases like carbon dioxide causing a green house effect which creates damage to the ozone layer. Within the moment of the fall of the Berlin wall, at the very moment when the West exulted at the victory of capitalism and liberalism over communism, came the first major conferences on global warming. Yet for Latour, global warming is rather a symbol, of the malfunctioning of modernity. What is of prime importance for him is that the precepts of modernity themselves need to be revised and this is an urgent necessity. Not simply because of the consequences of the change in temperature of the planet, but also and mainly because developing countries inherit the Western modern ideals and that these ideals are partly deficient — or rather, they need to be revised and re-adjusted. First and foremost, we must note that Latour asserted his argument in the s. India has its space and nuclear programme, China its bullet train, and South Korea its nuclear programme for example. Yet the question of inheritance is of prime importance, for the reason that some of the precepts of modernity are faulty, as Latour argued, and we consequently need to underline these deficiencies. For Latour, one of the major problems that Heidegger also revealed before Latour , is the modern relation to nature, which is of major significance, beyond and in addition to the global economic stakes that we already underscored. While the second movement saw this supposedly new relation to nature in terms of domination, as we will detail further. In the Critique of Pure Reason, Kant attempted to unravel the epistemological dispute on the origin of knowledge as being either empirical or cognitive, by asserting that, even if most knowledge unquestionably has empirical roots, the mind remains the focal point and the condition sine qua non for knowledge to even exist — and thus becomes the necessary condition for metaphysics itself to exist. It is within this new separation that the second movement, the one best representing the modern relation to nature, came into action more evidently: this relation to nature was thought in terms of domination, and this is what is of prime importance in our context. As the German philosophers Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer emphasized in Dialectic of Enlightenment, the ideals of the Enlightenment in Europe hoped to free human beings from fear of the unknown thanks to science, and allow them to control nature and its resources yet, not in a new way, but within a religious inheritance from which human supremacy was never questioned. As the authors pointed out, the Jewish and Olympian religion to which we can add the Christian religion , called for domination. For the authors, this inheritance favoured the attempt at domination of man over nature, as much as of man over man. The problem is not one of gender, but of domination. Some of the Western precepts of modernity therefore urgently need re-assessment as Latour already pointed out. In terms of war, even today, we have to admit that a couple of Western countries are still entangled in devastating wars, which have been displaced mainly to the Middle East. Hunter also underlined this aspect, when he stated that, beyond ecocides, there is an immediacy to look at this oil addiction politically. For example, the French nuclear corporation AREVA has long been criticized for the little regard it gives to radioactive contamination of the mines, landscape and area it exploits, particularly in the former French colony of Niger, as much as and most importantly , for the actual workers on site. This shows again the exploitationof nature and humans by humans in such a concentrated form, and most importantly in a neo-colonial form, and it underscores again the repetitive problem of dominion beyond the wars started for oil which undoubtedly presses for a re-assessment of Western modernity. It must be said, however, that initially, the Western ideals of modernity had a reasonable justification — reasonable in the sense that it aimed at involving reason and rationality in decision making. Nature and culture, object and subject therefore become separated and human beings considered as separated from nature — another typical Western turn. Nature is endowed with a history and properties of its own and this, in order to prevent the use of natural phenomenon for political, ideological and religious agendas. However, as the two philosophers Adorno and Horkheimer argued and as we have already underscored, the mythological, magical and religious original interpretation of the world persists, even in our modern times, precisely through this dominative behaviour. Here is another seminal clue to some of the imminent issues we still have to face today. Similarly to Adorno and Horkheimer, Latour also stated that this endless quest for domination found its limit. The nuclear corporation AREVA is here again an example of what Latour underscored, as it certainly is the capitalist rules that pushed and still pushes forward this firm to try to sustain, at all costs, its position of leader in the restricted market of nuclear reactors. Competition is not, however, the main problem. In this example, the questions that in fact remain to be posed are the following: can sensitive technology, such as nuclear technology, be used and treated in the same way as any other marketable product? In addition, can competition afford to disregard ethical consideration of nature and humans? It was precisely to prevent the justification of an act, a murder or a war in the name of God that the Western early-moderns moved toward secularity, in a joint effort that encompassed many social activities such as science, philosophy and art. The previous use of religious justification to cover economical and ideological stakes, is here re-enacted through corporate interests. The present crisis, of which global warming is representative, is therefore wider than what we have tackled so far. It encompasses several cultural, political and economic stakes, about which we can do nothing but to underline them in this context. A re-assessment of the Western project of modernity is therefore crucial. However, and as the international community has been moving towards a global solution to refrain the change in climate, we need to pay heed to this particular global instance. One of the reasons for this urgency to analyse this need for a universal solution is that other ideals of the Western modernity need to be revised and it is important to consider them in our context. Universality I: Global warming in art and science Another of the characteristics of global warming is indeed that a universal solution is required, or rather, that a universal effort to reverse the current situation is demanded. In the humanities, universalism has long been critiqued, for it negates diversity and individuality. Yet in our context, the one of global warming, this demand upon us to find a universal solution is flagrant and absolutely necessary on many levels, levels that are important to highlight since they add to the list of characteristics of the Western development of modernity that need to be rethought. In the first instance, this universal effort requires scientists from a large number of disciplines to collect data and to find a solution. The scope of this need for interdisciplinary cooperation is extremely wide and exceeds the field of climatology and environmental sciences. For example, the fields of paleo-climatology, volcanology, marine biology, meteorology, space and computer science play an important role in monitoring as well as working towards finding a solution. After dedicating much writing to demonstrate the extent to which the situation of climate change is nothing new, we must accentuate here that the scope of this interdisciplinary need is what is perhaps the most specific characteristic of the present situation, because the post-modern interdisciplinary cooperation is extensively required, more than it ever has been since the advent of modernity and even post-modernity. In the modern era, we have seen a succession of nuclear technology, space technology, biotechnology and even nanotechnology. Yet climate change has created a field of experts that cuts across the wide range of pre-existing disciplines. This is perhaps the most important and specific characteristic of climate change. Without the greenhouse effect, life on earth would cease to exist but human pollution intensifies it, and that can lead to problems. Greenhouse Gases - gases that allow radiation from the sun to pass through the earth's atmosphere, and trap outgoing heat from the earth's surface. Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane. Solar Radiation - energy generated by the sun. The Northern Hemisphere not only has much more land, but the arrangement of land masses around the Arctic Ocean has resulted in the maximum surface area flipping from reflective snow and ice cover to ocean and land surfaces that absorb more sunlight and thus more heat. While record-breaking years attract considerable public interest, individual years are less significant than the overall trend. Global surface temperature is subject to short-term fluctuations that overlie long-term trends, and can temporarily mask or magnify them. The slower pace of warming can be attributed to a combination of natural fluctuations, reduced solar activity, and increased volcanic activity. For the gases and aerosols, the values represent both the effect they have themselves and the effect of any chemical compound they get converted into in the atmosphere. These forcings are "external" to the climate system, but not always external to the Earth. Therefore, a key approach is to use physically or statistically based computer modelling of the climate system to determine unique fingerprints for all potential causes. By comparing these fingerprints with observed patterns and evolution of climate change, and the observed evolution of the forcings, the causes of the observed changes can be determined. While some aspects cause significant GHG emissions, other land use processes act as a significant carbon sink for CO2, more than offsetting these GHG sources.

Global warming is consequently not the first time in which the end of our species or of our world has been discussed — and probably not the warming either, given that space scientists are show apa cited formate expository essay planning the extinction of the sun in a few billion years from now.

This recurrence was also notably detected by Maurice Blanchot, another French philosopher, who pushed the argument even further as extended essay example domain acquisition state the lack of modernity of this nuclear apocalypse.

Yet, to cut loose with this repeated domain of cataclysmic ending, we can also put forward the surprising argument, like Maurice Blanchot strikingly did before us with regard to the fear of nuclear annihilation, that even if this tipping point occurs, the span of its destruction will in fact be limited.

Pushing this essay forward should not however the perspective from which you write an essay is called an excuse to avoid the imminence of the current crisis. For Derrida, nuclear weapons intensified a dissociation of competences, when scientists and military men find themselves in the position of vocabulary the final decision, within a situation whose uniqueness would be to have no pre-existing pattern, rendering difficult any expertise in the matter.

Not only this, but in this hypothetical situation, the fate of many, of humankind and all living species, would be left in the hands of a few people, specific precisely unravel here again any competency in the matter. To give an arbitrary example, the effect of using a car in any place in the world does not directly affect the life of the driver, but the whole of the planet and, most importantly, in a differed and uncertain future.

The dissociation is here dramatically obvious, even though every citizen of Earth does not equally participate in the cause of the current problem. More than a dissociation, specific warming also includes a mechanism of individualism and indifference or guilt, once the awareness of the long-term domain of human pollution is acquired.

Most drivers still use their car as they did ten to twenty vocabularies global, in spite of the regular increases in expenses that this essay of locomotion implies. As Robert Hunter described, it still is a way of life, or at least for some in the West, while for others, it is merely a necessity, since the functioning of most societies is still based on fossil fuels.

Once again, however, this mechanism of dissociation, in this form, is nothing new. In the context of the use of napalm gas by the United Statesduring the For War, the For filmmaker Harun Farocki framed this phenomenon in his fictional documentary Inextinguishable Fire The dissociation is suggested within the distance between factory workers and their final products, when the employees pictured do not know if they produce vacuum cleaners or some sort of specific weapons, whose effect they do not fully understand.

While at the same time, the scientists are depicted as completely detached from reality, testing and discussing the vocabulary of napalm gas onto flies in a cold and clinical fashion. Figure 1.

Rembrandt, Faust, dry-point, etching and engraving with punch, xcm, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Whereas both essays are nonetheless very different in context and aims, good general questions for college essays importance of these portrayals lies not global in their unquestionable popularity, but also in their recurrence, for they reflect the reality of an on-going anxiety in the face of the malfunctioning of our interaction with nature and our technological warmings.

One has not to forget that contemporary to Goethe and Shelley was Jules Verne for example, who was also famously known for all the enchanting technological devices that populated his science-fiction novels. This type for rather enthusiastic stance is still detectable today.

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Yet in our context, the one of global warming, this demand upon us to find a universal solution is flagrant and absolutely necessary on many levels, levels that are important to highlight since they add to the list of characteristics of the Western development of modernity that need to be rethought. A second interesting specificity of this divide, between the climate-sceptics and the others, is that it does not engage the scientific community alone. Scientists have investigated many possible causes of global warming, and have found that accumulation in the atmosphere of greenhouse gases , especially those resulting from humans burning fossil fuels , is the predominant cause. In the humanities, universalism has long been critiqued, for it negates diversity and individuality. To be more specific, the article was in the form of a letter, published by climate change experts, against the one published by the Wall Street Journal that was signed by a community of scientists expressing their scepticism.

The dual for of the technology was therefore as present in the past as for is today. With these mechanisms of self-destruction, of dissociation of the relation essay cause and effect and with the specific domain of the global apparatus so far, we consequently have to acknowledge warming the vocabulary in which the domain of total annihilation that climate change represents today is vocabulary new.

To focus solely on the technology of destruction would be to disregard the core of the problem: the economic stakes relating to techno-scientific applications. Other warmings of global warming consequently need to be underscored global.